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This Winter’s Best Coffee-Table Books: Louise Bonnet

While barreling toward the end of this bleak year, we offer a bright spot in the wonderful variety of art books released this winter. (Excellent alternatives to doomscrolling, all.) Whether you’re longing for the familiarity of opening your mailbox to find a postcard from a far-off locale, looking to turn back time on your favorite city, or wanting to fall completely into a whimsical world with only soft edges, we have just the thing for you—or a loved one who needs their own pick-me-up!

Louise Bonnet
Text by Flavia Frigeri
Holzwarth Publications

The work of painter Louise Bonnet, born in Switzerland in 1970, encompasses a surreal, cartoonish realm while displaying mastery of craft and composition. This delightful book brings together both paintings and show-installation images, presenting a well-rounded look into the works of one of the finest contemporary painters.