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Art Insider: Missing Art Basel? Here’s where to find NADA art fair booths around LA

Over the course of the fair this week, Nino Mier Gallery will present four group exhibitions featuring artists on their gallery roster, each on view for only one day at the gallery. While it’s common to replace artworks daily at art fairs as works are sold, Nino Mier’s pre-planned exhibitions allow for conversations to emerge between their artists, whose work becomes recontextualized with each curated display. Tuesday’s exhibition features an aluminum sculpture by Anna Fasshaeur alongside paintings by Jan-Ole Schiemann and the colorfully layered spirals of Mindy Shapiro. Wednesday will include the psychedelic figurative works of Gerlind Zeilner alongside colorful abstractions by Antwan Horfee. Thursday and Friday unfold with a standout by Andrea Joyce Heimer — a graphic and stylized painting of a house party underway, featuring bodies layered across the canvas as if the home itself has been unfolded and flattened. Aside from the fair presentation, the gallery is also showing a solo exhibition of paintings by Nikki Maloof and a selection of paintings by Brianna Rose Brooks presented by Deli Gallery. 

NADA booth on view December 1-5, 2020