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Weed, 2021 by Jake Longstreth COURTESY NINO MIER GALLERY

In a new monograph and exhibition at Santa Monica’s Nino Mier Gallery, the Los Angeles–based painter mines for beauty and meaning in retail chains.
Jake Longstreth’s paintings document the suburban landscapes most Americans are all too familiar with, but few artists are interested in capturing—the monotonous commercial strips that house clusters of nearly identical retail and restaurant chains that stretch from coast to coast. With a new show titled Seasonal Concepts at Nino Mier Gallery in West Hollywood, the Los Angeles–based painter documents the decline of a brick-and-mortar retail culture that few are likely to mourn. An accompanying book, also available from Nino Mier, features work from the past three years. Metropolis spoke with Longstreth to find out what animates his interest in this overlooked environment.