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b. 1981, Great Falls, MT, US
Lives and works in Ferndale, WA, US

Andrea Joyce Heimer’s paintings evoke narrative friezes and tapestries where landscapes and interiors are organized into distinct rows, each portraying a different stage in the lives of her characters. Throughout her work, Heimer demonstrates an interest in origins—of the universe, of narrative art—that seems to be a response to the obscurity surrounding her own inception. Her work contains complex, imaginative and original use of symbolic figures and iconography. The narratives in her work reference the Garden of Eden and Greek mythology, while also creating and recording her own history and personal mythologies.

Andrea Joyce Heimer (b. 1981, Great Falls, MT, US; lives and works in Ferndale, WA, US) received her MFA from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, New Hampshire. Her work has been exhibited at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, New York; Colombo Gallery, Milan; CG2 Gallery, Nashville; Linda Hodges Gallery, Seattle; Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Philadelphia; Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York and Franklin Parrasch Gallery, New York.

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