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b. 1983, Kiel, DE
Lives and works in Cologne, DE

Jan-Ole Schiemann’s paintings use a collage-like technique of black ink and acrylic paint applied to unprimed canvas  to invent highly concentrated, surreal compositions. Echoing Arshile Gorky’s transgressive post-Cubist formations and Carroll Dunham’s fluid and witty figurations, Schiemann’s paintings are playful yet complex structures of superimposed images. Figural forms and abstractions drawn from comics, cartoons and surrealism comprise contoured entities, intertwined by Schiemann’s brush into painted hybrids. Schiemann employs various canvas formats as a visual playground, which enables him to analyze, dissect and reverse his black and white forms, colorful biomorphic fragments, and ink stains.

Jan-Ole Schiemann (b. 1983, Kiel, DE; lives and works in Cologne, DE) graduated from the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf where he studied under Albert Oehlen and Andreas Schulze. He has an exhibition with Nino Mier Gallery, Marfa, and has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions at Wentrup Gallery, Berlin; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp; Almine Rech Gallery, London; Almine Rech Gallery Brussels; Kasmin Gallery, New York; Half Gallery, New York; Warhus Rittershaus, Cologne, among others.

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