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b. 1974, Barcelona, ES
Lives and works in Barcelona, ES

Mònica Subidé creates dreamlike paintings on linen and paper that incorporate oil paint, pencil, and sometimes minimal collaged motifs. Her compositions are illusory and placid, focusing on abstracted figural and still life scenes. From her muted color palettes to her unfinished lines and quasi-cubist approach to shading, Subidé paints in a mode that recalls the work of midcentury Expressionists such as Egon Schiele, Ernst Kirchner, and the late work of Pablo Picasso. But her surfaces cultivate a uniquely distanced, quiet warmth, one located in her figures’ magnetic and secretive faces, and in the limb-like floral arrangements that complement them.

Mònica Subidé (b. 1974, Barcelona, ES; lives and works in Barcelona, ES) studied at the Centre d’Art Massana, Barcelona. She has exhibited with Nino Mier Gallery, Brussels, Belgium; Yiri Arts, Taipei; Galeria Contrast, Barcelona, Spain; Bea Villamarin, Gijón, Spain; and Soy Capitán Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

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