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A group show experience of the extra-kind of way, LMOAA is curated by the famous hobbypainter André Butzer. He chose the most sophisticated and surprising art out of a very super-local metal bucket of truth, beauty and rhythm. Introducing and integrating a hyper level of artistic expression, Nino Mier Gallery is definitely pleased to open one of its many doors to an adventurous endeavor with an unknown outcome even after this door is going to be closed again.
Back to normal?

Never ever.

Sincerely, Dr. Peter Schellenbaum / USA



Jayme Burtis

André Butzer

Simion Cernica

Amarissa Diaz

Eric Hancock

Ramiro Hernandez

Margarete Jakschik

Peter Kim

Alice Könitz

Brett Lund

Daniel Mendel-Black

Florian Morlat

Geoffrey Palenik

Phil Wagner