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Considered one of the most internationally respected Italian artists, Pessoli lives and works in Los Angeles. His last Italian solo shows were organized by the Maramotti collection of Reggio Emilia (2011) and The Man Museum of Nuoro (2016), while in Bologna he was the protagonist of the two solo shows L'azzurro del cielo, set up at the Neon Gallery (1989), and Destructor, at the stamperia Squadro (1997).

The Bolognese exhibition presents a body of recent works that contain the essence of the artist's stylistic code.The different languages, painting, sculpture, drawing, and terracotta works, are united by poetics that act in a (subtly) disruptive way, both on the matter of the works, as well as on the psyche of the subjects represented. In the review Pessoli relates various narrative registers, now ironic and surreal, now tragic and enveloping, becoming an occult director who determines the stage presence of his characters, insufferent to the pitfalls of the present.

Some of the works on display were created specifically for the Bolognese appointment.

The first group presents works in terracotta, a technique that characterizes Pessoli's work in the last fifteen years, an ideal connection between the sculptures and the drawings on display. Recent production also references paintings, including butterfly girl girl #1, Couple, stupid sweet head.

Of the second nucleus of works, created specifically for the late eighteenth-century spaces of the residence of Cardinal Lambertini, future Pope Benedict X.

Other works created specifically for the exhibition include the sculptures The garden Delight, AP 1963 and Testa fiorita, which move along the formal boundary between sculpture and installation, thanks to the ability to conquer the visitor's perceptive space through strength and levity, infusing the exhibition environments with a sense of expectation and, at the same time, physical presence.