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Museum of the Light / Yoshii Foundation is pleased to present a solo exhibition by André Butzer, on view from October 24, 2020 - January, 24 2021. The exhibition will present a selection of Butzer's so-called "N-Paintings."

From Saturday, October 24, 2020, the "André Butzer" exhibition will be held at the Kiyoharu Art Village Tadao Ando's Museum of Light. Andre Butzerbach is a German painter who has been highly acclaimed around the world, with items released in collaboration with CELINE in May of this year. In this exhibition, one of his representative series, < N-Paintings >, will be exhibited. 

Art is by no means obvious. The truth is always partially hidden.

This series, the so - called < N-Paintings >, has been produced for many years and consists of all the images I have drawn so far, especially "gray" and "cable" on top of it. It can be said that it is a series derived from the image. 

I always think that all images are equal, no matter what is drawn. They are almost the same pictorial truths, that is, pictorial places that can be said to be the starting point.