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We’d like to extend a big congratulations to Anna Fasshauer on her inclusion in Skulptur Pilane’s 2022 exhibition.  The exhibition, which opens May 15th, 2022, is located at the famous sculpture park in Pilane, Sweden.  “Pilane is nature’s own art gallery, eight hectares of cultivated land where you can roam freely under the open sky… Against the backdrop of the scenic Bohuslän archipelago, you can enjoy the art, the sea, the landscape and the history of this place that goes back thousands of years.”

A sculptor and a colorist, Anna Fasshauer engages with aluminum and industrial paint in direct opposition to the male minimalists of the late 20th century. Fasshauer uses only her body and a rivet gun to form her sculptures – no assistants, no bending machinery, no fabricators. By governing the physicality of her practice by the limits of her own strength, height and weight, Fasshauer’s works are ultimately a direct reflection to her own body. She takes cold, stiff, industrial material and renders it fluid, malleable and human by sheer muscle. In doing so, Fasshauer retains her sense of celebratory whimsy and humor, often assigning anthropological attributes and titles to her vibrantly colored forms. 

Fasshauer has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions at institutions worldwide, including Kunstverein Offenburg; Jardin des Tuileries, Paris; Orient-Institut Beirut, Lebanon; Kunstverein Arnsberg; London Barbican Center; Kunsthalle Baden and Goethe-Institut Beirut, Lebanon.