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It is an odd time to feel any sense of celebration or achievement when the world around us is dealing with much more critical issues. The amount of lives that have been lost due to the pandemic and the way our daily lives have changed in such a short time have set a new normal that was unfathomable earlier this year. The racial injustice which has plagued this country and the rest of the world for far too long is finally not just a fact we were all aware of but has given rise to a movement, one that has inspired us and so many others to be better, make a change, take action and work towards hopefully finding a new path and a new way of thinking and treating one another.

I believe a gallery has a responsibility to its artists, first and foremost, and then to its audience. Even more so, it has a responsibility to its community. We work hard to be a platform of creation and vision, and with that are surrounded by beauty, critical thinking and moving the needle in terms of our own history. But it’s not life or death. It is, at the end of the day, a joy and a gift to share these things and I count myself very lucky.

With that said, I want to share with you a show that brings together the artists of the gallery, all of whom have shown with us the first five years and represent our short history as a gallery. I am proud to work for the artists and with my team and I want to thank everyone for their support.